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Using Bridges to replace teeth

These are replacement teeth that are permanently fixed to your natural teeth. You chew and clean the teeth as if they were your own. The bridge may be placed over the natural teeth (conventional bridge), in which case the teeth will have to be reduced in size, or they may be glued on to the teeth (adhesive or maryland bridge) meaning almost no reduction but not quite as strong. To provide a bridge we need a strong, healthy supporting tooth near the space but this isn’t always available. As bridges provide a replacement that functions and looks like natural teeth, the advantages are self evident.



The typical cost of a maryland bridge is £200 to £500 for one tooth replacement, generally maryland bridges can only replace one tooth.


The typical cost of a conventional bridge is £800 to £1000 for a one tooth replacement. Conventional bridges can replace multiple teeth as long as there are supporting, healthy, natural teeth nearby.

Missing Tooth

An example of a missing tooth to be replaced.

Prepared teeth

The teeth either side of the missing tooth are shaped, this may mean removal of some good tooth.

Try in of bridge

Bridge is made in lab and when finished it is sent for fitting. Here the bridge is being tried for fit.

Fitted bridge

The bridge is glued to the remaining teeth and should last for many years.

Questions to consider

Conventional bridges are irreversible. Once the supporting teeth are prepared there is no going back.

The bridges don’t last for ever, ten years is an average life expectancy. The supporting teeth underneath can decay or break, if one support fails then the other support may be over stressed and also fail.

As gums shrink the join between bridge and tooth may become visible as a black line.


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