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Do Nothing To Replace A Missing Tooth

This can be a sensible suggestion.

The body will heal naturally leaving an area that will be healthy and hygienic.


Looking at the positives.

  • This is of course cheapest and the least invasive.
  • Its easy to clean the adjacent teeth easily.
  • Most people adapt very well to missing one or two teeth, it may take a few weeks but often when a patient comes back after six months they say they don’t miss the tooth. The gum becomes very tough and people can eat with their gums.

But also consider these questions  

  • Is the tooth visible? When you look at your own teeth, lower
    teeth look more visible in the mirror. This is because you look down from where your eyes are in relation to your mouth. Upper teeth are often more visible to others looking directly at you.
  • Can you still chew? Research shows that a minimum of 20 teeth will be about enough to eat efficiently, this is called the shortened dental arch. Initially you may get food stuck in the gap but normally the tongue and cheeks learn to move food out of the gap.
  • Will the remaining teeth be able to cope with the additional chewing forces? This is an important factor. The same chewing forces are distributed amongst less natural teeth so you will find you will be likely to suffer more breakages.
Tooth drift
  • Will other teeth drift as a result of the loss of the tooth?

Teeth tend to drift forwards into any spaces in the mouth. That is unless they are locked into the opposing. The opposing teeth may also drift into the gap, this is called overeruption.

The interference between the teeth may sometimes lead to jaw joint problems such as clicking, locking or sometimes (rarely) headaches.


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