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Regrow your gums

One of the most exciting changes in dentistry has just happened. At last we can predictably regrow gums damaged by years of gum disease .


The first time I placed Emdogain was an exhilarating experience. When my first patient came back for his two-week postoperative appointment and reported no pain or swelling, my excitement grew exponentially, this is truly a game changer. This new enamel matrix derivitive promotes the body to grow new bone cementum and periodontal ligament.


So how does it do it? The enamel matrix protein comes from the tooth germs of developing porcine tooth buds.  We are recreating the enviroment that existed when teeth very first developed in your mouth. The body is fooled into remaking all the supporting gums  that a new tooth gets but giving it to your adult teeth.


Its predictable but not a panacea, patient selection is important as is good technique but its amazed me so far


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