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Six Month Smiles

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you hide your teeth or
cover your smile when you laugh? Six Month Smiles is for adults
with crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth. Using clear braces to
gently straighten and align teeth, the average time most
people wear braces is just six months.

Rebecca Moss felt exactly that way so she decided to 'practice what she preaches'

Read on to hear of her experience about being a Six month smiles patient.



I have been providing six month smiles short term cosmetic braces for 12 months.

I had always wanted to straighten my teeth and was not given the opportunity as a child.

I didn’t really want to have visible braces and wanted to get it done quickly which is why this system suits most adults who want to improve their smile and me!

After studying my models and photos and noting what I wanted to change. The braces were fitted by Mr Wanstall on 8th of October.

The process of fitting the brackets and wires was quite quick and not painful and after an hour half I walked out of work with them fitted.

For the next week there was a little discomfort but nothing painkillers didn’t cure and the brackets rubbed my lips a little but you get a little box of wax which you can mould around the troublesome ones until your moth gets used to them.

I was aware you had to be careful with certain foods and always advise my patient to avoid really hard foods. I have found naturally I avoid these foods anyway because it is a little trickier to eat them and the really sticky stuff gets stuck on your braces so again I tend to avoid them.

Cleaning them is fine and I have been using my Phillips sonicare toothbrush and Phillips airflosser to clean my teeth and around the brackets.

I have just had my 1st adjustment so am actually 4 weeks in and as you can see from the photos my front 2 teeth are no longer overlapping. The bottom incisors are also nearly all in line so I am very pleased at the speed of progress.

More updates to follow!

Rebecca Moss

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I am about 3 months in to wearing the braces so have had a few adjustment appointments, but more importantly survived and managed to eat my way through Christmas and the holidays without too many problems.

At these appointments photos were taken to record the progress and the wires were removed.  We carried out a little more reduction in between the teeth to allow them to move more easily but not as much as when they were fitted.  Some stiffer wires were placed which again help the teeth round out and move to a better position. On one visit we also removed and adjusted the position of a couple of brackets to speed up the movement.

A couple of brackets came unstuck, probably because I bit on a hard bit of toast! This is not a problem we just stuck them on at the next adjustment appointment.

Again there has been a little tenderness on biting after the adjustments but only for a couple of days.

I am really pleased with the position of my teeth so far, just a few more little tweaks!

One other thing I am happy about is that I personally have been quite conscious having braces (being over 21!!!) but when I have discussed and shown them to friends and others most people have said they never noticed until I mentioned it!





More updates to follow!

Rebecca Moss


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